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Newco Concrete Wide slab Technical information

Following the implementation of new sound regulations in 2004 along with the introduction of ‘robust details’, Newco Concrete have opted for their new Wideslab system to cover all contracts where sound regulations are applicable.


The system is available in 150mm200mm and 225mm depth units, accommodating clear spans of up to 9000m. A further option to the system are 100mm Deep solid units (i.e. no cores) which are designed to have a 75mm composite concrete screed topping (applied by others) and will achieve clear spans of 5.350m. Units are a maximum of 1200mm wide.


The major advantage of our Wideslab systems are their ability to meet all sound regulations and robust details. Incorporating our Wideslab into your development will alleviate the requirement for any sound tests as our system is fully compliant.


Other advantages of our Wideslab are:

Speed of Installation – No propping, shuttering and concrete pouring minimal. – 250m² per day!

Immediate Working Platform – Trades have a working platform on completion of Installation.

Service Holes Pre-formed – The Wideslab can provide factory formed service holes thus avoiding any setting out, shuttering or cutting on site.

Flexibility of Design – The Wideslab can be designed to fit into ledger angles and splays or other various design arrangements.

Large Clear Spans – The spans give you more flexibility on internal spaces enabling a choice of wall locations off the floors.

Solid Ends – Our units have a 300mm Solid edge / end to their perimeter. This aids “robustness” and alleviates any requirements for site filling of core ends.

Propping – Propping should NOT be required in normal construction.



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